About Us

With disruptive price-performance and unparalleled big data accessibility, Clarisite answers the what, how and why of web and mobile customer behavior. This enables organizations to maximize conversions, streamline support, and increase customer satisfaction – without raising overhead.

Enhancing the Customer Digital Journey

Clarisite creates big data behavioral analytics and content analysis solutions. We enable customer experience and marketing professionals to tap into the voice of the customer – enhancing each customer’s mobile and web digital journey.

Powered by unparalleled record-replay and reporting technology, our solutions capture and reveal not only the what of the customer’s online experience, but also the why. Why didn’t the customer complete the transaction? What exactly was he or she doing that prevented conversion, or caused a system error?


Clarisite Analytics


Our flagship solution, Clarisite Analytics, enables real-time replay and analytics of each customer session at any scale, and brings a new level of accessibility to customer experience decision makers, support personnel, and other stakeholders.

With powerful free-text event creation, search and reporting, Clarisite  Analytics allows business users (without the need of an IT specialist) to instantly drill down into site usability and functionality. This way creation of new reports is done within seconds using Clarisite vs. days or weeks from conventional solutions.

With Clarisite Analytics there’s no need to predefine tags or surmise what users might do. By eliminating technical impediments, Clarisite Analytics empowers business users to create their own customer journey insights, based on both real time and historical big data.

Beyond Analytics

Clarisite Analytics is Clarisite’s flagship behavior analytics solution, which incorporates unparalleled record\replay and free text event creation, search and reporting. [Learn more]

Clarisite also offers two domain-specific based solutions:

  • Clarisite Service Optimization – provides call center agents on-demand access to user sessions, for more responsive, more focused, and more accurate customer service. [Learn more]
  • Clarisite GRC – (GRC – Governance, Risk & Compliance) archives complete user sessions for auditing and other governance, risk management, and compliance scenarios. [Learn more]


Seasoned Management, Solid Backing


Privately-held and founded in 2010, Clarisite is headquartered in Israel and serves major financial and enterprise clients worldwide.

Led by big data and web technology experts, the Clarisite management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven records of success in user experience, behavior analysis, and big data software solutions. Complementing the management are experienced and professional technical teams who together constitute a creative, caring and motivated industry-leading force.